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Couples Mentoring Program
The Couples Mentoring Program (CMP) is a unique new program, developed by Dr. Dennis J. Woods, President and CEO of Couples Mentoring Youth and Family Services, LLC. In this effective approach to mentoring, married couples are utilized to provide this dynamic service. After years of being a Pediatric Mental Health Specialist and a Mentoring Consultant, Dr. Woods discovered that there was a greater benefit to his clients when his spouse accompanied him on mentoring sessions.
The results were remarkable. Our clients responded better to the guidance, interaction, and perspective of both husband and wife working together as a team. The payoff was a win-win situation where the client, the couple and the agency all benefited from this innovative new approach to mentoring.
Statistics indicate that children do far better, behaviorally, scholastically, and go on to achieve greater levels of success when raised in a nurturing environment where both mother and father provide the care they need. However, children that are in foster care typically, do not have both mother and father role models in the home. While, at the same time, there are married couples who don’t have children that would love to have a positive impact on a child’s life. The Couples Mentoring program unites both worlds to bring about a therapeutic dynamic that can not be equaled by traditional mentoring programs.
Couples Mentoring Youth and Family Services (CMYFS), is an agency dedicated to providing high quality and unique child services. We provide traditional mentoring as well as our unique Couples Mentoring® (where married couples provide the mentoring). We also provide in-home counseling individual and family counseling, as well as case in-home case management services. CMYFS services hundreds of children throughout the greater Chicagoland areas and Northwestern Indiana. Our motto is: “Couples Mentoring is the next best thing to fostering.”
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